5 Signs You May Need Your Driveway Redone

A concrete driveway gives you a nice spot to park where you can keep your car safely off of the road. If your driveway is starting to show signs of wear and tear, here are five signs that it may be time to have your driveway redone.

1. Age

The age of your driveway is the most obvious indicator that it might be time to hire a concrete driveway contractor. According to Concrete Questions, the average lifespan of a concrete driveway is between 20 and 50 years, so you might want to have someone take a look at your driveway to see if it needs to be redone or if it’s several decades old.

2. Cracks

Concrete can break down over time, and cracks are often one of the first problems you can spot with a concrete driveway. If you see cracks in your concrete driveway, especially large cracks where vegetation is starting to grow in between the pieces of concrete, it may be time to have your driveway redone.

3. Drainage Issues

Driveways should be sloped to allow for drainage, but they can eventually lose some of that grade as well as their ability to properly drain water. If you notice that water has suddenly started pooling up on your driveway, pouring a new driveway is the best way to fix that issue.

4. Rough Appearance

Concrete driveways typically look smooth, especially when you hire a reputable concrete driveway contractor. If your concrete driveway looks particularly rough, it’s probably starting to wear down after years of use. The rougher your driveway gets, the closer it is to needing to be repaired.

5. Potholes

Cracks can get worse and lead to serious driveway problems, but potholes are an immediate concern that can cause real damage to your car. If your driveway has potholes you’re hitting when you’re pulling in and out of it, you need to have it redone before you do any serious damage to your vehicle.

Concrete driveways are great as long as you take care of them, but they don’t last forever. As your concrete driveway starts to crack and crumble, it gets closer and closer to needing to be redone. If you need a concrete driveway contractor to redo your driveway, call Appalachian Concrete and Excavation and we’ll take care of everything.